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The DM500 tester is the evolution of the DM400. It uses the same measurement technology, a mass flow meter.

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Dedicated to flow measurement up to 100L/min for industrial applications.

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DM400 TS

To help you control the quality of your packaging, Delta Control Services has developed a simple, fast and accurate control system for you.

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The CM20 flow meter allows the monitoring of other flowmeters or leak master.

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We attach particular importance to offering solutions that best meet the needs of our customers.

This is why we have developed a tightness control device capable of compensating the temperature of the room tested in relation to the environmentof the station.

No more cooling corridors, no time wasted waiting for the parts to cool, with the DP600 you can now test your parts as soon as they leave production.

It incorporates the functionality of the DP500 and is interchangeable with it or with a DP400.

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The DP500 tester is the evolution of the DP400. It uses the same principle of operation, the pressure drop by differential measurement.

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Intended for industrial applications, can be integrated on all types of machines, the DP400 device is a leakproof control device operating by pressure drop with differential measurement.

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Using the flowmeter technology, DM400E device is dedicated for leak control.


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The DR500 is a simplified version of the DP500, it uses the same operating principle, the difference is in the measurement sensor.

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Provaset 2P, 2P portable

Compact, simplified and economical relative measurement leakage tester.

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